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    The other day I read an article on one of the many ASP resource sites that discussed an alternative to the generation of the HTML necesary for displaying records in a table or a list from a database. The new technique was a feature of ADO 2.0 appranelty, although I can not find any documentation about it since reading the article.<BR><BR>What the method/function did was churn out the necesary HTML to display a set of records with a variable number of columns in a table via teh use of passing column and row delimiters. This means that it was no longer necesary to iterate through a record set and generate the desrires HTML on teh fly using teh movenext method and so on. Instead, you just call teh this new method with teh appropriate parameters and irt does all teh hard work you. Does anybody know anything about this technique or where to find out additional infomation about it?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Jeremy Anderson<BR>

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    Could you possibly mean GetString? I read about it here: I&#039m a beginner and havent&#039 used it, but this might be it?<BR><BR>

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