stripping of invalid chars ....PLEASE HELP

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Thread: stripping of invalid chars ....PLEASE HELP

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    genic Guest

    Default stripping of invalid chars ....PLEASE HELP

    here is what i have, and it doesnt work. the main one i want removed is the pound sign.<BR><BR>strSid=StripInvalidCharactersFromName (request.form("sid"))<BR><BR>Function StripInvalidCharactersFromName(strValue)<BR> Dim lngPos<BR> Dim strNew<BR> Dim strChar<BR> For lngPos = 1 To Len(strValue)<BR> strChar = Mid(strValue, lngPos, 1)<BR> If (asc(ucase(strChar))&#062;= 65 And asc(ucase(strChar))&#060;= 90) or IsNumeric(strChar) Then<BR> strNew = strNew & strChar<BR> Else<BR> Select Case strChar<BR> Case "#":<BR> strNew = strNew & strChar<BR> End Select<BR> End If<BR> Next<BR> StripInvalidCharactersFromName = strNew<BR>End Function

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    genic Guest

    Default nevermind, i fixed it


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