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Thread: threading models with VB 7.0

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    Default threading models with VB 7.0

    Does anyone know if Microsoft will be adding the Both-Threading Model or the Free-Threaded Model to VB 7.0? any web sites discussing this would be helpful too.<BR><BR>thanks<BR><BR>bart

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    I couldn&#039t find out for sure, but I would suppose that they wouldn&#039t support them. It doesn&#039t really buy you anything anyway; Apartment threading is what you want to use for page-scoped objects. And if you want to use objects at Session or Application scope, you would want/need to aggregate the Free-Threaded Marshaler, which you can&#039t do in VB. I&#039m no VB expert, but if they added those things, then you&#039d have to be worrying about thread safety and concurrency, and I don&#039t know that VB has those capabilities.

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