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    Opal Guest

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    I have a site that gives the users the option to search for products. However, the search was done by a Frontpage plugin and now it&#039s not working (which is typical). My question is, how do I accomplish a search of a directory, or the whole site(client doesn&#039t want a database) to return links and description to the person searching?

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    fifthermurf Guest

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    They dont want a Database???!!!<BR><BR>Well, I have done some quick fix type of server side search scripts that are called from a HTML form submission to an ASP script. This script then makes heavy use of the FSO (FileSystemObject) to recursively search the filenames/subfolders of the sites files and returns matches (with URLs) to a flat table in HTML. This is dangerous though cause you are directly manipulating your files on the server. and if somebody monkeys with the script it may smoke your content.!!!!<BR><BR>Another trick would be to create a dat file or text file that is created from a similar script once (or weekly/daily) that you run manually. And then call a server side script that reads lines that contain page names, URLS, and maybe some keywords. You will write the script logic here to get what you want. Look at the FSO if you are running NTserver or Perl or shell scripts will do something similar. <BR><BR>My suggestion is use a database (the only way if it is a BIG site). It logs your site and manages itself better than any text file you create. Databases are quick, and easy to setup and grow with.<BR><BR>?<BR>fifthermurf<BR><BR>

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    opal Guest

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    thanks for the info. unfortunately, the database choice is up to the client. and he doesn&#039t want one.

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