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    This is not really an ASP-specific question, but more of a web-design/structure question.<BR><BR>How do they make sites like,, etc. Do they have some kind of technology to quickly generate new sites or what. I&#039m really interested to see how they do it. I mean, all those sites are great, but i can&#039t believe that they have to build all of them all by themself. <BR><BR>Are there any good articles covering this subject?

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    I can&#039t say for sure how others do it, but we are building a site like this at the moment, where we use Lotus Approach for writing news articles and then pushing out the article as "number".htm. Furthermore, Approach makes a new version of the front page whenever we tell it to, with the latest news on top. The pictures & stuff to the left & right are static, and the contents are presented using include files.<BR><BR>Svein

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