Separating Record Sets with 'Colored' Empt

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Thread: Separating Record Sets with 'Colored' Empt

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    Can someone show me how to go about separating queried results with empty colored rows? I think that it would be nice to look at. Also, how could I go about having a &#039back to top&#039 included every 5 recordsets?

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    Here is one way to do both of your things.<BR><BR>Create a variable called ColoredRows<BR>Create a variable called counter<BR><BR>Set ColoredRows="No"<BR>Set Counter = 0<BR><BR>I am assuming that you are doing some type of loop<BR><BR>Do while not rst.eof<BR>If ColoredRows = "No" Then<BR> put your data here<BR> ColredRows = "Yes"<BR><BR>else<BR> put your data here<BR> put a blank colored row here<BR> ColoredRows = "No"<BR>End if<BR>Counter = Counter + 1<BR>If Counter = 5 Then<BR> Put your backup thing here<BR> Counter = 0<BR>End If<BR>rst.movenext<BR>Loop<BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR><BR>Dennis<BR>

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