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    Symbiosis IT Group Guest

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    OUTSOURCING PROGRAMMING AND WEB DESIGN FROM RUSSIA<BR><BR>Dear Madam or Sir!<BR><BR>Our enterprise is a Group of IT professionals specializing in telecommute / offshore programming.<BR><BR>Our main profile:<BR>Win98/NT 4.0<BR> SQL Server: 1. InterBase 5.0, 2. MS SQL Server 7.0<BR>* Delphi Client/Server Suite 4.0, Delphi 5.0 Enterprise Edition<BR> Client-server solutions, creating custom component, DirectX, Win32 SDK, OpenGL<BR>* C, Visual C++ 6.0 Enterprise edition<BR> DirectX, Win32 SDK, Creating DLL<BR> Borland C++ 4.5-5.02, DB/Net (TCP/IP family) applications<BR> C++ Builder Enterprise 4.0, OWL, applications (Win/DOS) and dll under Windows<BR>* Visual FoxPro 6.0<BR> Object-oriented programming, creating interface for local and client-server (ODBC)<BR> solutions<BR>* Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition<BR> Creating interface for local and client-server (ADO) solutions<BR>* MS Access<BR>* Java, JBuilder<BR>* Web development and site design <BR> - design of e-commerce sites using <BR> DHTML, CGI, VB/Java Script, ASP, ISAPI, Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Interdev 6.0<BR> IIS 4.0 / SQL Server 7.0<BR><BR>We are located in the Middle Volga area of Russia and develop and support software programs <BR>for business, educational and other purposes without physically being in your office. Our specialists are high educated and have 5-10 years experience of software development, support, configuring with diverse employers (Industrial Plants, Educational organizations, Commercial Enterprises etc.). <BR><BR>We offer the following benefits to your organization:<BR>* For companies in time zones different from the technician&#039s, the length of a workday is increased or without extending the actual number of hours someone works. <BR>* Your company can add additional staff without having to provide office space or equipment. <BR>* There are no travel, relocation or temporary housing expenses, no paid insurances, vacancies or sick leaves. <BR><BR>But the main advantages of the "telecommute programming" by the Russian software developers are professional quality due to very high skill set and traditionally reasonable rates of pay. <BR><BR>You can download some samples of our work and learn more about us at http://symbiosis.nm.ru<BR>We are interested in establishing a long termed and mutually beneficial cooperation with reliable partners.<BR><BR>Looking forward to hearing from you soon<BR>Yuri Markelov<BR>General Manager<BR>markelov@mv.ru<BR>http://symbiosis.nm.ru<BR>

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    Govind Srinivasan Guest

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    Hello Yuri, Do you have Graduate SW Engineers having more than 2 years Project experience in Microsoft Web Technololgies and/or Java related Technologies, for consideration to 2-year contract<BR>assignments in the US? The requirement is at our US Business-Partner Company, the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ARCHITECTS, Inc., SugarLand, (near Houston), USA.<BR>Govind Srinivasan<BR>CEO<BR>Paramount Technologies<BR>www.paramountworld.com<BR>enquiry@ paramountworld.com

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