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    job_contact = request.form("job_contact")<BR>job_contact = Replace(job_contact, Chr(34), "&#039&#039")<BR>job_contact = Replace(job_contact, vbCrLf, "br") (the brackets were left out around the br because this form actually made a break)<BR><BR>the last two lines replace the quotes and the breaks. Now i need to replace the non breaking spaces.. (it doesnt work when there are more after eachother) i tried<BR><BR>job_contact = Replace(job_contact, +, " ")<BR><BR>with no luck.. does anyone know how to do this?<BR><BR>thanks<BR>

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    martin Guest


    job_contact = Replace(job_contact, " ", "&nbsp;")<BR><BR>did the trick.. heheh.. <BR>

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