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    Nanjar Budiman Guest

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    dear all<BR>why my cookies expires before i turn off the browser ?<BR>and how long does cookies lifetime ?

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    Katherin Guest

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    When you write a cookie with this basic syntax ...<BR><BR>&#060;% Response.Cookies("cookie")("key") = value %&#062;<BR><BR>the cookie will persist for as long as the browser is open or until the session expires.<BR><BR>You have to set an expiration date for the cookie for it to be written to the client&#039s hard disk like ...<BR><BR>Response.Cookies("Cookie").Expires = "July 4, 1999" or<BR>Response.Cookies("Cookie").Expires = Date + 30<BR><BR>... 30 representing the number of days.<BR><BR>Hope this helps.<BR><BR>

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    Nanjar Budiman Guest

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    thank&#039s Cath,<BR>but can you tell me more spesific about cookie. As I know,<BR>cookie syntax is Response.cookies("cookie").<BR>how about ("key")<BR><BR>

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