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    If can help. <BR><BR>Please help with me making an algorithm to order sort an array.<BR><BR>Dynamicaly gets the values for array.<BR><BR>Need to sort array into number value.<BR><BR>Only 5 values.<BR><BR>Array values are 6 digits long and count in format: yymmdd... examples: 000625 000702 000709 000716 000723 .. always going up by 7 days.<BR><BR>If you can understand me, please help me thank-you.<BR><BR>Tai Phan

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    You should look at the intrisic VBScript date functions. The only (normal) way to sort an array is going to be mathmatic, and probably not very suited to your case. Do you have the VBScript help file? Get it at<BR><BR>You can sort the values in the array by date in many ways. <BR><BR>Good Luck, Sam

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