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    fl1rt Guest

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    there is no forum for this question, so I&#039ve stuck it in the newbie area.<BR><BR>Does anyone know the range of available screen sizes or a reference URL for such data ?<BR><BR>eg: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768...etc etc.<BR><BR>It&#039s just that I had someone log on to my site with a width of 2048 (YEAH!) and I don&#039t know what the Y depth is. The law of 3/4 X doesn&#039t always apply.

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    Unicorn11 Guest

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    Use javascript property<BR><BR> "screen.width" it will return the screen width of the user <BR><BR>Unicorn11<BR><BR>

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    fl1rt Guest

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    duh! I&#039ve spent far too long in ASP land.<BR><BR>I&#039ll give it a try, cheers

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    fl1rt Guest

    Default nope

    I&#039m already using that, my mistake for the other post. ithought you meant height instead of width, as I&#039d just woken up at the time.<BR><BR>it&#039s the HEIGHT i&#039m after!

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