I have a script block that points to this file.asp. I want to run a check in the file no matter what (i.e. if someone types the URL in the address bar or if I include the file on the script tag. I have this:<BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT&#062;<BR><BR>if (window.location.pathname == "./file.asp"){<BR> window.navigate("./dummy.asp");<BR>}<BR><BR>function getRS()<BR>{<BR> return &#039&#060;%=escape(Application("Connection1_Conne ctionString") + ";User Id=" + Application("Connection1_RuntimeUserName") + ";PASSWORD=" + Application("Connection1_RuntimePassword"))%&#062; &#039;<BR>}<BR><BR>, but it only executes the if statement if I use it as an include file to the script. I hope someone can help. The include file is on the client along with the rest of the code.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Mike