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    Ben Verwey Guest

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    I need to get some information from a database and use it in my page. I don&#039t want to display the exact contents of the database in my page, but rather use some of the data from the database to add into my code and use to make descisions.<BR>What is the best way to do this? <BR><BR>I have looked at a way of using databases with ASP that was call "Generic Databases" It is some kind of software that you download and use. I was wonder if anyone could give me feedback on this method or suggest other was to get data from a database.<BR><BR>I would be greatful for any help<BR>

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    Are you just tying to get info from tables for diplay, edit, and adding purposes?

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    Ben Verwey Guest

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    I want to get information from the database to store in some variables.<BR><BR>For example, I want to get the data(info) that is in a field and store it in a variable.

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