Hello folks,<BR><BR>Question as regards cookies and IIS performance:<BR><BR>Here&#039s the situation, Our "Home" Intranet page comes up on the user&#039s browser, and an additional window (let&#039s call it "Annoy-o-matic") opens with information about "Proper Internet Use" etc... <BR><BR>The user can click a "Yes, I agree" button - which sets a cookie with a value of "USER_Agrees=YES" and closes the window - or they can click a "No, I do not agree" button - which then sets a cookie value of "USER_Agrees=NO" and also closes the window. <BR><BR>Upon returning to (or refreshing) the "Home" page from any other page, the page checks for the cookie&#039s value, and determines whether or not to open the "Annoy-o-matic" window again:<BR><BR>The "Annoy-o-matic" window will NOT open if the cookie value is "USER_Agrees=YES"; if there is no such cookie: the "A-o-m" window opens; ditto if the cookie&#039s value is "USER_Agrees=NO". <BR><BR>The cookies expire one week from the date clicked, and if a "NO" user does eventually select "YES" the cookie&#039s "NO" value is overwritten with the "YES" information.<BR><BR>Here&#039s the problem - Upon loading the "Home" page, the system seems to get bogged down, and after perhaps 2 or 3 hours, the system becomes nearly unresponsive. No matter how long the "expires" value is (even if it&#039s just set as a "session-long" cookie) - I still am running into the same problem. <BR><BR>Interestingly, if I simply set a "session-variable" (instead of a cookie) that times out when the browser is closed, the problem goes away - shouldn&#039t this be the opposite situation?<BR><BR>I was just curious if anyone else had experienced this problem, and if anyone had thoughts on how to handle it.<BR><BR>Thanks, <BR><BR>Jim