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    Hi Everyone,<BR><BR> Can anyone figure out what&#039s wrong in the following query:<BR><BR> Select distinct A.fldListingNumber,fldPropertyAddress,fldPropertyC ity,fldPropertyCounty,fldPropertyState,fldProperty Zip,fldListingExpiration,fldStatus,fldImage<BR> from tblSellerListings A,tblSellerListingImages B where A.fldListingNumber=B.fldListingNumber order by A.fldListingNumber<BR><BR> Though I have put the keyword "distinct" in the above query, it gives me duplicate set of records. <BR><BR> how to prevent the duplication?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Anu.

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    If you were to include an ORDER BY A.fldListingNumber in your query, you might get duplicate records even using the DISTINCT<BR>

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