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    Tim Robbins Guest

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    tbl 1<BR><BR>tbl 2<BR> --&#062; Look Up Table (from a field in tbl 1)<BR><BR>If I update tbl 1 how would I be able to refresh tbl 2 so that the newly created record in tbl 1 reflects in the look up table in tbl 2?<BR><BR>This has really got my &#039goat.&#039<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>

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    If you create a new record, the next time that the page is reloaded it will show up there. You can just have the page autorefresh itself at regular entervals in you need to. Just put this line of code in the header of the page:<BR>&#060;META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" Content="6"&#062;<BR><BR>

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    Tim Robbins Guest

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    There&#039s no problem with creating the record. Once the record is created the data for the field in question is updated. But, when I search for the record I get a &#039no file found&#039 response. <BR><BR>When I open the database and look at the table, it&#039s there.<BR><BR>I think the problem is that the lookup table in tbl 2 (which looks up a field from tbl 1) does not have this record selected. Therefore, when I query tbl 2 and pull results from it, it will return &#039no records found&#039 because it&#039s empty.<BR><BR>Does this make sense to you?<BR><BR>TIA

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    Phil Robles Guest

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    Tim,<BR><BR>After reading your messages I believe I understand what you&#039re saying. As such, please point your browser to the following Microsoft Article (I have included the portion that is relevant to your situation) <BR><BR><BR> <BR>Active Server Pages Tips and Tricks <BR>Download Microsoft Word version of this page. (25K; expands to 38K) <BR><BR>Displaying Data from Lookup Fields<BR>The data that is displayed in table Lookup fields created with the Lookup Wizard is ignored when you save a table as an ASP file. The bound column for the Lookup field is displayed in the ASP file, not the lookup data that you see when you open the table in Datasheet view in Microsoft Access. <BR><BR>This happens because the SQL statement that Microsoft Access generates for a Lookup field references data that is stored in another table. The bound column of a Lookup field&#039s RowSource property is what is actually stored in the table (this is typically an ID field used to look up the data in the other table), not necessarily what you see when the table is displayed in Datasheet view. <BR><BR>To display the lookup data, create an AutoLookup query that includes the original table, as well as the table from which the Lookup field obtains its data. Use the corresponding fields from the lookup table in the query instead of the Lookup fields from the original table. Then save the query as an ASP file.

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