Slug ASP, but only from a distance.

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Thread: Slug ASP, but only from a distance.

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    My ASP runs like lightening on the server, and local network, however look at it from somewhere else on the internet and it runs like a slug. (and im not talking about using a 56k modem!)<BR>Why is this the case? Is it to do with how TCP/IP transfers the packets, and if so, is there a way to increase the size, or is it more to do with bandwidth or what? I don&#039t see how I can increase the speed in which people view my sites, when the server is not having any problems with speed. It&#039s the transfer of data over the internet that appears to be the problem.<BR><BR>

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    What sort fo connection to the Internet does you webserver have? The symptoms you describe are what I would expect from a server with fast local connections but a slow connection to the backbone - eg a server "under the bed" on the end of a leased ISDN line or similar.<BR><BR>Of course the other possibility is simple network latency - the Internet can get VERY slow sometimes...<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Juliet,<BR>Does this slug behavior happen only with an ASP page? Does it not happen with a normal, but really big, pure HTML page? <BR><BR>Please, do the following test on your site: view one of your ASP pages on your local network, then save it as html, copy to the server and try to browse it from the outside. If it is still slow the problem is not with ASP, but in your Internet router.<BR><BR>I hope this helps.<BR>Ricardo Londe.<BR>(<BR>

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