Is It Me or My Host Provider?

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    Greetings!<BR><BR>I am trying to get this basic "form mail" ASP script to work via CDO. Basically, I copied and pasted the script from this site located at I changed the few variables that needed to be changed like TO: and FROM: and the response.redirect parameter. Everything else, I left untouched. Uploaded my HTML page that contains a basic form as well as this ASP script to my server. After pressing the SUBMIT button on my form, I am redirected to the page I indicated in the ASP script. No error. Woohoo! Sounds good! BUT...<BR><BR>I am STILL waiting for the darn email! I executed the above steps at around 9am EST today. What the heck is going on?<BR><BR>I have read the posts on this forum that directly relate to my situation. 1) I am not getting an error message that reads "invalid class string" so I am assuming that CDO is already installed on my host provider&#039s server. 2) One post suggests I check out the queue directory under mailroot in inetpub. Do I need to call my host provider to have them check this out?<BR><BR>I can send and receive email messages from various email clients (Outlook, Netscape Composer, IMail) but when I try to submit email via a form on a web page, I receive NO email messages at all.<BR><BR>PLEASE, PLEASE help! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It is your webmaster. Email them and ask them what component they want you to use to send emails. They obviously have CDONTS installed, and they obviously don&#039t have it setup correctly!<BR><BR>So, it&#039s either that they don&#039t know that it&#039s setup incorrectly, or they use another component. Talk to your webhost to find out how you should be sending emails...

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