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    Why *.ldb file ??? <BR>Message: Hello , <BR>When i use this code ( for example ) i get a *.ldb file . Why ??? When i have a *.ldb file , i can not upload a new database *.mdb from my computer to my webspace . Also i can not delete the *.ldb file and the *.mdb on my webspace. What do i wrong ??? Please help . What can i do , so that i don&#039t get a *.ldb file . Thanks for the help . <BR>( i don&#039t use a global.asa file ) <BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>set db = server.createobject("ADODB.connection")<BR> "dsn = test_dsn ; uid = login_naam ; pwd = login_paswoord "<BR>sql = "select * from tabel_naam"<BR>set lijst = db.execute(sql)<BR>do until lijst.eof<BR>%&#062;<BR>&#060;%=lijst("veld1")%&#0 62;, &#060;%=lijst("veld2")%&#062;, lijst("veld3")%&#062;, ,,, <BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>lijst.movenext<BR>loop<BR>lijst .close<BR>db.close<BR>%&#062;<BR> <BR><BR>

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    Your doing everything right. Just make sure no one is connected to the Db while your uploading the changes. Finding a way to do this without making users mad is a different story. Maybe one of the 4 guys will write something.<BR><BR>I have seen this question many times... Here is a quick idea.<BR>Goto the global.asa Application_OnStart<BR>Define some_variable to = 0<BR><BR>Make an include file that houses your connection sting.<BR>_Connection stuff for the whole site_<BR><BR>IF some_variable &#062; 0 then<BR>&#039Dont do the connection stuff<BR>&#039admin wants to make changes<BR>Response.write ("Making changes to the database to better server our customers")<BR>Else<BR>&#039Go ahead and do the connection stuff<BR>set objMyAccess = Server.Createobject("ADODB.connection")<BR>more db junk<BR>End if<BR><BR>Make yourself a login form to set the variable to 1. I think this is more of a hack. Also be sure to do something about that variable if you get disconnected while making changes.<BR><BR>I hope this helps...

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