NADEEM HOOD<BR><BR><BR>ADDRESS FOR COMMUNICATION :<BR>302, Kashiparekh Complex, C.G. Road, Ahmedabad, GUJARAT, INDIA.<BR>E-mail : <BR><BR><BR>EDUCATION QUALICATION:<BR>B.Sc. Computer Science, May &#039 98 Mangalore University, Karnataka, INDIA.<BR><BR><BR>CERTIFICATION :<BR>Certified HTML Programmer, Web Programmer. <BR> Brainbench Transcript ID Number 175368 ; <BR><BR><BR>TECHNICAL SKILLS:<BR><BR>Languages : HTML.<BR>Scripting : ASP,VB Script, Java Script<BR>Application server : MS Siteserver and Commerce edition 3.0, Cold Fusion.<BR>Tools : Front Page2000, Visual Interdev.<BR>Graphical tools : Macromedia Flash4,Paint Shop pro6, Adobe PhotoShop5.5, Illustrator8.0.<BR>OS : Windows 95, Windows NT.<BR>Web server : IIS 4.0<BR>RDBMS : MS Access, MS SQL Server.<BR><BR><BR><BR>WORK EXPERIENCE<BR><BR><BR>CLIENT - 1<BR>Client : DB Concepts, Boston, USA.<BR>Period : From Dec 1999 - till date<BR>Title : Web site Development<BR>Company : ebiz Concepts India Ltd. Ahmedabad. INDIA.<BR><BR>PROJECT-1<BR>Project Description : (i) Barter, Trade C2C WEBSITE<BR> Design, Develop, Content and Maintain web site <BR> ( for the items listed, <BR> and the Insta-Match technology finds matches for the customer.<BR> Other product features for members include: <BR><BR> · Free member registration & item listings<BR> · Listing of BOTH have and want items<BR> · Easy listing of items for donation<BR> · Automatic and real-time matches <BR> · Highly configurable searches<BR> · Private proprietary negotiating process<BR> · Ability to seek 1-to-1, many-to-one, or even 1+ cash matches<BR> · Options to complete the exchange in person or via shipping<BR> · Feedback and user rating system<BR> · Insurance program<BR> · Rewards program<BR><BR><BR>Responsibilities : Home Page Design and Coding, Graphics.<BR>Hardware : E-Machines, Pentium PCs<BR>Operating System : Win NT/98, <BR>Software : HTML, JavaScript, Adobe PS 5.5, JASC PSP 5.0, <BR> SQL Server6.5, ASP. Front Page 2000, Visual Interdev6.0.<BR>Team Size : 3<BR>Role : Team Member<BR><BR>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>CLIENT - 2<BR>Client : Triology Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai<BR>Period : From Jan 1999 - Dec 1999<BR>Title : ECommerce enabled Portal Web site Development<BR>Company : Triology Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai<BR><BR><BR>Project Description : (ii) PORTAL WEBSITE (<BR> Home page of portal site developed using Flash4. <BR> Configured the AdBanners used in the site.<BR> Design, Develop, portal Content and Maintain portal web site <BR> ( for the joint venture between client and<BR> a TV network. Portal Content design, Web Pages Design and Layout,<BR> Development of both static and dynamic Web pages, Streaming of Video.<BR> Develop e-commerce site, Develop Proposals for E-Commerce solutions.<BR> Content Management, Analysis using Site Server 3.0<BR>Responsibilities : Web Site Design and Coding, Graphics<BR>Hardware : IBM Netfinity 5500, Pentium PCs<BR>Operating System : Win NT/95, <BR>Software : HTML, JavaScript, Adobe PS 5.0, JASC PSP 5.0, Flash 3.0 <BR> SQL Server6.5, ASP. Front Page 2000, Visual Interdev6.0.<BR>Team Size : 8<BR>Role : Web Developer<BR><BR> <BR><BR>CLIENT - 3<BR>Client : Triology Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai<BR>Title : ECommerce enabled Portal Web site Development<BR><BR><BR>Project Description : (iii) E-COMMERCE WEBSITE<BR> This Project is mainly dealing with transaction between the <BR> Company and its Dealers. The Dealers will be given an <BR> Username and Password for entering in to the site for placing <BR> an Order. Because of the Security reason there is no windows <BR> Shopping available in the Project. The site will accept only the <BR> Cheque No. for payment. The system is incorporated with the <BR> direct mailing system for the latest product launches for the <BR> Company. And Advertisement panel also available for different <BR> type of dealers. This site is perfectly running in a Testing <BR> Server.<BR>Hardware : IBM Netfinity 5500, Pentium PCs<BR>Operating System : Win NT/95<BR>Software : MS Siteserver3.0, HTML, JavaScript, VB Script, ASP, WindowsNT<BR> & MS SQL Server<BR>Team Size : 5<BR>Role : Design and Development<BR><BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Other sites -<BR><BR> development)<BR><BR><BR><BR>_____________________________________ __________________________<BR><BR>Personal Details:<BR><BR> Age : 23<BR> Date of Birth : 01.01.1977<BR> Sex : Male<BR> Marital Status : Unmarried.<BR><BR><BR>