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    Thomas Täfvander Guest

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    Hi!<BR>Scenario: I have one page where the user fills in a form and then another one that takes care of the data and puts it into an database before it finally redirects to either a "thank You page" or a resultpage <BR><BR>My problem is that in page no2 where the data is taken care of I´ll need to trigg an url that might look like this:<BR> <BR><BR>Why I´ll need to trigg that url and pass data to it has it reasons and I´ll really need to do it on that second ASP-page where no contents is written because it has response.redirects in it!<BR><BR>I´m not sure but maybe a solution is to "fetch" the URL but how to do that?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!<BR>// TT<BR>Sweden

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    lorddog Guest

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    maybe you mean this<BR>do your calculations and what not on the 2nd page then<BR>after that at the bottom in asp check whatever you need to in an <BR><BR>if (some check of yours) then <BR> Response.Redirect = "" & MerchantID & "&Productlabel=" &<BR>productlabel<BR><BR>else<BR> Response.Redirect = ""<BR>end if<BR><BR>ok this may work thou you may need alittle refinement <BR><BR>

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    Thomas Täfvander Guest

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    No that didn´t help me, but thanks anyway!<BR>What I forgot to tell is that the URL I´ll need to trigg isn´t on my website at all and I´ll doesn´t have the ability to get the CGI-program on that machine to redirect to my place after it proceed it´s data.<BR>One simple but ugly way to solve my problem is to pass the data I want to send to the CGI-URL to my third page where I´ll raise a new window (by javascript) containing an Form that I´ll fill in with the data and then posting it (by javascript) to the URL and immidiatly after that close it (by javascript).<BR>That solves the problem but it must be a better way of doing it!!!<BR>Regard // TT

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    Strider Guest

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    You could do it through some method of frame. Have a frameset with one form that is 0 in size, and have that your payit site or whatever, and then have the thank you page come up that the user sees, and the payit site come up in the 0 size frame (the user will not see it at all), and I think thats what you want (could be wrong)

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    Thomas Täfvander Guest

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    Well... It&#039s a possibly solution and I consider use it but still having a little doubt about it... My little application is in 7000 rows of programcode and I have to rewritten a lot to get it to work with frames... <BR>Thanks a lot for Yours and the others tips! Everything that can help me is like present!<BR>Regards // Thomas

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