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Thread: Response.Redirect giving header errors

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    Default Response.Redirect giving header errors

    How do I get a Response.Redirect command to work in the body of an ASP page? It always gives an error saying the header of the page has already been written.<BR><BR>I&#039m wanting to put the redirect within the body of the page as in Dreamweaver any code using templates that is outside the &#060;html&#062; main tags is wiped out each time the template is updated.<BR><BR>Any thoughts?<BR><BR>Andy

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    troy the asp boy Guest

    Default Response.Buffer = True

    you will need to add<BR>response.buffer = true<BR>to your code (near the top of your asp page)<BR>this will prevent any information from being sent to the client&#039s browser until the page has been processed and the html has been created.<BR><BR>troy the asp boy<BR>

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