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    Jason Guest

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    Ok, I am not even sure of the name of what it is I am looking for... But to give an example its what Amazon has at their site, it "knows" what type of books I have bought in the past and suggests them to me when I visit again. <BR>Does anyone know of a script out there that does this? Or something close that I could modify? Also, if anyone could give me the actual name of this function!<BR>Any help is appreciated... <BR>Please email me at<BR>Thanks,<BR>--Jason

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    pavankks Guest

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    although i myself have not tried it out. this is a possibility. when a person goes to amazon. he has to login. this is when the session variables are craeted for the user. the amazon server maintains a database where it stores the purchases you made the last time. So the server takes you login id and retrieves the purchases you made the last time. i think this is one way.<BR><BR>another possibilty is that if you think that this will utilize more memory in the database, the you can store the information in a cookie and save it in the clients hard disk which can be retireved when the client log in. these r the two possibilities. but there is a chance for the user to wash his cookies.<BR><BR>so decide which option to use.<BR><BR>good luck<BR><BR>pavan

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