Closing a database (getting rid of the ldb)

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Thread: Closing a database (getting rid of the ldb)

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    I use the global.asa file to create and open the only database connection I use. I use a session variable to pass the connection variable on. Whenever I close the database with:<BR><BR>Conn.close<BR>Set Conn=Nothing<BR><BR>it will not get rid of the ldb, telling me that the database is still open. Also, I close the recordset before running the database closing snippet. Does anyone have any better ideas on getting rid of the ldb. Thanks in advance.

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    I have read several articals that say it is not good putting your database connection in the Global.asa. All my ASP pages that i build open and close the connection in each page. it is more work, but i don&#039t have any problems with the record locking file .ldb. hope this helps<BR>

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