VisualInterdev needed for ASP development?

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Thread: VisualInterdev needed for ASP development?

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    Brad Burke Guest

    Default VisualInterdev needed for ASP development?

    Is VisualInterdev really needed to develop ASP pages? What advantages does it bring to development. Are there other tools to consider?<BR><BR><BR>Thanks in advance,

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    Andy Robbins Guest

    Default RE: VisualInterdev needed for ASP development?

    Is it necessary? Not at all. I do most of my work in notepad or PFe (programmer&#039s file editor -- sort of a glorified notepad). The advantages of VisDev are pretty much the same as the disadvantages. It color-codes things and can complete the objects/methods you&#039re writing, so while it can be useful it pampers you and probably detracts from learning.

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    David Wier Guest

    Default RE: VisualInterdev needed for ASP development?

    Please excuse my blatant self-promotion, but I wrote a program called ASP Express which is, in my opinion as well as hundreds of others, a great ASP text editor. You can use it to hard code ASP, or you can use any of the many &#039Assistants&#039 to help you with your coding.<BR><BR>You can check it out at<BR>

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    Ian Stallings Guest

    Default RE: VisualInterdev needed for ASP development?

    *rant*<BR>just my two cents - <BR><BR>There is a point where learning is no longer top priority<BR>and making the app work takes precedence. Interdev makes<BR>debugging apps very easy and should not be dismissed so easily.<BR>There is no tool that I know of that can tie into IIS, COM, <BR>SQL server, and Visual Source Safe so well. <BR><BR>Allot of developers I work with use Homesite and I like it but<BR>I use custom COM objects on IIS that interact with Different<BR>DB&#039s And I have quite a few developers on my team that work<BR>on the same projects. This is where Interdev/Source safe come in.<BR>(Although Homesite ties into VSS well too, so developers have a choice.)<BR><BR>Plus Interdeve is a small part of the Visual Studio which if used<BR>effectively, can add allot of value to any project.<BR><BR>Now don&#039t get me wrong. Im not a Microsnot zealot. I like<BR>using other software for other tasks. For instance-<BR>I use Emacs when I&#039m developing on a Unix box. There is NO<BR>text editor to date that can top Emacs. <BR>But when Im in a MS environment I use Interdev/VStudio.<BR><BR>If you are just learning ASP then I would recommend a simple<BR>text editor. But when you start developing enterprise apps in a <BR>MS environment, there is no better way than Interdev/VS.<BR><BR>*end rant*<BR>

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    SPG Guest

    Default Lovely Rant! How can I apply it?

    So, with that in mind, can you recommend any "InterDev in a Nutshell"/"InterDev Bible" books to go over all of the features which are either obfuscated or seem like hiderances to some of us @ first glance? I expect that there&#039s a lot to InterDev (and your qualified words give it credit), but -- other than locking my .dlls when I try to recompile them from VB -- I&#039ve yet to really get to know it.<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Ian Stallings Guest

    Default RE: Lovely Rant! How can I apply it?

    I wish there was a good book on the ins and outs of Interdev.<BR>Unfortunately, most I have picked up and read are crap. It seems<BR>like they just took all the PR material from Microsoft and <BR>compiled it into a book.<BR><BR>Most of my Interdev knowledge came from the MSDN CD&#039s and<BR>the MSDN( site. Including ones on<BR><BR>- debugging in IIS <BR><BR><BR>- using Source Safe for version control<BR><BR><BR>- using the Data Environment<BR><BR><BR>- adding Data Connections<BR><BR> <BR><BR>These are just a few of what you can find on the MSDN cd&#039s<BR>and the MSDN site. If you use MS products you must put<BR>these resources in your toolbox. They will save you hours<BR>of hassles trying to figure out how to accomplish something<BR>simple. I especially recommend looking into using the Debugger<BR>in Interdev. I love that thing. The only problem I see with<BR>it is that when Im debugging on my dev server other developers<BR>won&#039t see any error message their code is producing.<BR><BR><BR><BR>hope this helps - Ian<BR>

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    Default Side Note...

    I agree with the above posts, especially if you are new to ASP, then the best way to learn is to actually code - using a text editor. Thus, I would have to recommend UltraEdit32. You can obtain the word files for HTML, ASP, VB, etc for UltraEdit, and then your code will appear with the pretty little colors as it does in VB, thus helping the inexperienced as well as the experienced.<BR><BR>I used ASP express before, and it is a great product, the only thing is UltraEdit has so many "neat" little functions built in. ASCII to EBCDIC, EBCDIC to ASCII, DOS to MAC, etc. As well as allowing you to customize the word files in case it doesn&#039t support what you are looking for. <BR><BR>Just my 2 cents worth. And for the record, I use Interdev, UltraEdit, and Visual Studio pretty much hand in hand and no, I don&#039t work for Microsoft.<BR><BR>Jerry

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    Default RE: Lovely Rant! How can I apply it?

    I used to be a text editor guy too or I would just use the text editor of Dreamweaver to edit/add code. I have switched a lot of that now though to Interdev for the same reason mentioned above. I convinced my boss to buy 2 books for me ( :o) ) to help me along. I just got them so I can&#039t guarantee how good they are. They are:<BR>1) Beginning Web Development with Visual Interdev 6.0 (ISBN: 1-861002-94-7)<BR>2) Professional Visual Interdev 6 Programming (ISBN: 1-861002-64-5)<BR><BR>They are both by the all-famous Wrox publishing company ( Have fun reading!

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