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    NTran Guest

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    How do I get the value out of a text area to look the exact same way as the user entered it in with carriage returns and all? Text boxes add carriage returns at the end of a line wrap, therefore, I cannot determine if it is a carriage return done by the user by pressing the Enter key. How can I determine which carriage return was force by the user when they hit the Enter key in a text area?

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    fifthermurf Guest

    Default RE: Getting Value out of a text area WRAP attrib

    Well if you want the carriage return to be submitted with the text of the form then just use the attribute: in Netscape and IE you can use the WRAP attribute in the &#060;textarea&#062; tag. Values are: PHYSICAL, VIRTUAL, OFF. Use the Physical one and then when you receive the string from the submission it&#039ll be in encoded format (ie- carriage returns are represented by "%0A" that is the number zero). Just parse it up and then format the string for it&#039s destination. (ie <BR> for HTML or &#039
    &#039 etc...)<BR><BR>It is hard to help you more cause I dont know what is going to analyze this string on the server side. <BR><BR>Happy Coding!

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