Using API Calls in ASP

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Thread: Using API Calls in ASP

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    Default Using API Calls in ASP

    Can API calls be made from ASP and how?

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    Bill Wilksinosn Guest

    Default When is an API not an API???

    *WHICH* API?<BR><BR>API simply means "Application Programming Interface".<BR><BR>There&#039s an API for Access. There&#039s an API for Word. There&#039s an API for (surprise!) each and every one of the components that come with ASP, such as Scripting.Dictionary, ADODB.Connection, etc., etc.<BR><BR>Okay, now that I&#039ve been a pedant...<BR><BR>I suppose you mean "can I call the Win32 API from ASP." And the answer is "No, not directly." ASP and its scripting languages can only *directly* call ActiveX components (via "automation"). You could, however, write your own ActiveX component that called a desired Win32 function and then invoke the component from ASP.<BR><BR>

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