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    Hello again,<BR><BR> Thanks for all the previous help on array sorting. I have one more question. I am using the 2 Dimensional VB Sort Array function and I can&#039t seem to figure it out where exactly this script compares the values. I ask this because I need to make the script go the opposite way (100..2..1...0) rather than (0..1..2...100).<BR><BR>Thanks for any help you can give.

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    You don&#039t show the code you are using, but more than likely all you have to do is change &LT; to &GT; where your comparisons are being made (or vice versa).<BR><BR>*Probably* something like<BR><BR>If someArray(element1) &#060;= someArray(element2) Then<BR><BR>becomes<BR><BR>If someArray(element1) &#062;= someArray(element2) Then<BR><BR>or vice versa. But it might just be &#060; or &#062; instead of &#060;= or &#062;=.<BR><BR>

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