THANKS GARTH BUT I AM STILL HAVING PROBLEMS<BR><BR>Hello,<BR>I have these 5 tables which I want to perfom a query on. I posted it last night but I am still having problems. Records that are in t1 are in t2, records that are in t2 ARE NOT ALWAYS IN t3, up to t5. I even ran it in Access with a little adjustment and I got an error message. In the browser(asp) this is the error message........"ADODB.Recordset.1 error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR><BR>Incorrect syntax near &#039INNER&#039. <BR><BR>/controller/asp/co_acct_gloss_detail.asp, line 35 <BR>"<BR><BR>This is the query...........<BR><BR>strSQLacctglosDetail = "SELECT a.acct_name, c.cat_name, c.cat_desc, c.cat_contact, s.sub_cat_name, s.sub_cat_desc, s.sub_cat_contact, sc.sub_cat4_name, sc.sub_cat4_desc, sc.sub_cat4_contact, sc5.sub_cat5_name, sc5.sub_cat5_desc, sc5.sub_cat5_contact "<BR>strSQLacctglosDetail = strSQLacctglosDetail & " FROM Account_Glossary a INNER JOIN account_glossary_category c ON a.acct_id = c.acct_id LEFT JOIN account_glossary_sub_category3 s ON c.cat_id = s.acct_id LEFT JOIN sub_cat4 sc ON s.sub_cat_id = sc.cat_id LEFT JOIN sub_cat5 sc5 ON sc.sub_cat4 = sc5.cat_id and a.acct_id = "& acct_id<BR>