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    Default Problem with java from ASP

    Hi There!<BR><BR>I&#039m using java from ASP, but the destroy-method is not activeted on the object when it&#039s set to nothing. Why ???

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    Default No, misunderstanding of Java

    &nbsp;<BR>There is no such thing as a "destroy" method in Java. There are only "finalizer" methods. And the Java language specification *explicitly* says that finalization is NOT necessarily invoked at any particular point in time. In fact, it is not invoked until the object is collected by Java&#039s Garbage Collector, which in most Java VM&#039s (dunno about the MS VM) doesn&#039t happen until the VM runs out of available memory space.<BR><BR>If you need C++-like destructors, you&#039ll have to explicitly invoke them in your code, I&#039m afraid.<BR><BR>Best place to investigate this kind of stuff is in the newsgroup: <BR><BR>

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