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    I have an application that extracts two times from a database and stuffs these values into variables. I want to be able to subtract 15 minutes from one of the times (Variables).<BR><BR>E.G (Gotime = StrTime - 00:15) I want the result to show up on my page as a time such as 10:15 AM.<BR><BR>

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    try this...<BR>&#060;%=dateadd("s",-(15*60),now)%&#062;<BR><BR>this subtracts 15 minutes from the current time...<BR>my book seems to have an error in it, saying that &#039m&#039 represents month at the same time it represents minutes so i had to improvise and use &#039s&#039 and multiply 60 seconds by 15 to get minutes... if anyone know the symbol minutes let me know...<BR>

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