Error on Server.Execute() in listing 13.1

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Thread: Error on Server.Execute() in listing 13.1

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    Mark Guest

    Default Error on Server.Execute() in listing 13.1

    When I try to run listing 13.1 (page1.asp) I get the following error in place of the server.execute routine:<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a01b6&#039 <BR>Object doesn&#039t support this property or method: &#039Execute&#039<BR>page1.asp, line 7<BR><BR>I&#039m using W98 (Original Edition) with the PWS that came bundled on the CD. So far everything else has worked - is this a function that isn&#039t available on my verison of PWS? Any way to update it? The Microsoft support site is impenetrable...<BR><BR>Mark<BR>

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    John Vlcek Guest

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    This isn&#039t going to answer your question, but.......<BR><BR>When I read your note, I skipped ahead to your Day 13 example (I am currently on Day 12). I had the same exact problem, not only with Server.Execute but also Server.Transfer. It mentions in the book that these two methods are new to IIS 5.0. Now I do not have IIS 5.0 since it must run under Windows 2000 (see beginning of book). I have Windows 98 and use the PWS installed from the Windows CD. My guess here is that these 2 methods do not work for PWS, only IIS 5.0.<BR><BR>This brings me to my main complaint about the SAMS Theach Yourself books. It seems like to follow every lesson and example in the book you need the absolute newest version of all software involved, whether commonly in use or not. Also, the book (and not just this one) doesn&#039t really tell you that at the beginning. Don&#039t get me wrong, I think the SAMS ASP book is great and I&#039m learning a lot from it, but it would be nice to be able to try out ALL of the lesson examples, not just most of them!

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    Mark Guest

    Default RE: Error on Server.Execute() in listing 13.1

    I ended up searching the message boards on &#039Server.Execute&#039 and it turns out that it is new to ASP 3.0 - which is not supported in W98. I suppose Microsoft could do provide an upgrade, if they didn&#039t want more reasons for consumers to saddle themselves with an unnecessary W2000 system ...

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