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    How would I go about creating a self-correcting test (Multiple Choice, 20 questions or so) that mails the corrected test results to a predefined email address using ASP? <BR><BR>I know this is a very broad question but I really need the help.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Break the task into pieces:<BR><BR>(1) Will the test ever change?<BR>(2) Do you want to pick 20 questions randomly from a list of many more questions?<BR><BR>If you answered yes to either of those, then you probably want to put the questions, the answers, and the answer key all into a simple database. Access would be fine for this. But you could even do it in Excel. Or even in a text file that is used as a database. But in any case, a database.<BR><BR>So you&#039ve got that far:<BR><BR>Now you need to learn how to:<BR><BR>(a) Read records from a database and create a web page therefrom.<BR>(b) 20 questions on a single HTML page makes the page unwieldy...lots of scrolling. If you want to break the test into multiple web pages, now you need to learn about "paging through recordsets".<BR>(c) If you use multiple web pages, then you need to know how to pass answers from earlier pages along to later pages, so that all of them can eventually be "graded".<BR>(d) You need to learn how to get the answers from the forms on the web pages.<BR>(e) You need to learn how to go back to the database, finding the same records you did the first time, and check the user&#039s answers against the correct ones.<BR><BR>So now you&#039ve graded the test. Time to find out how to send email to someone. Several solutions here: The MS "CDONTS" one, which many seem to find relatively difficult. Or other providers of email components. Yes, this means you&#039ll have to learn how to "script" an email component.<BR><BR>Now, NONE of the above pieces is huge, in and of itself. And if you were to look back through the last week&#039s postings in the various forums on this site, you&#039d find an answer to each and every one of them!<BR><BR>The trick--the thing that makes or breaks you as a designer--is figuring out how to put the pieces together. How to take an answer that is *ALMOST* exactly what you needed and bend it to your purposes.<BR><BR>If this is your very first foray into ASP, then I think you&#039ve got a minimum of about 4 weeks of learning ahead of you. If you&#039ve already done simpler sites, especially if you have already done some database access, then maybe 2 weeks. But it&#039s not going to happen automagically (yes, that is spelled the way I wanted it).<BR><BR>

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