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    Steve Karsch Guest

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    Hello, How can I check to see if a record exists in a table BEFORE I write a duplicate record. Example: I&#039m setting up an app so people can join/sign up for and create teams. Right now, it asks for the team name and a list of members. On submit, it writes the TeamName to a Team table and the members to the Members table and the TeamID and MemberID to an intersection table. The thing is, people can be on multiple teams, so I don&#039t want Joe Blow to be listed twice in the Members there any way to do this besides searching the table for every member first?<BR>Thanks<BR>Steve<BR>

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    Dan Shawkey Guest

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    If you use ADO on the update, you could pull all records from the Members table where MemberName = submittedMemberName. If you get an empty recordset, add the member, else get the MemberID and add it to the intersecting table. Yes, you will have to do this for every member. What you may want to do is give them a multiple select list of existing members on the data entry page and another field for new members. That could save you a step on the update page.<BR><BR>Dan

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