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    Alfredo Fornaso Guest

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    I&#039m maintaining a site with a lot of hits ( about 12K unique ip/day).<BR>Some time ago I had a trouble with the asp request queued, when the processor is full of work (100% processor time in PM) the line of request queued go up and down until it reach some level where It can&#039t go down, the server respond Server too busy and I have to shut down the server in order to restart the service.<BR>In order to fix it I upgraded my hardware and now the new processors are working at only 15-20%.<BR>But the problem wasn&#039t fixed, I dont&#039know why the asp request queued go up, usually when the processors are free to get more work, and why , mainly, the queue are not working properly.

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    Charlie Ruble Guest

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    We are seeing similar problems and I was wondering if I could ask a couple of questions. Maybe I can help or you can help me.<BR><BR>How many Processors do you have?<BR>What is the "requests executing" at when you run into problems<BR>If connecting to a seperate database server, what is the TCP Connections of that server when you have problems?<BR>What is your ProcessorThreadMax set at?

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    Mike B. Guest

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    I was wondering did you ever find an answer to this issue?

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    We have a similar problem. It seems to be caused by ASP applications blocking all the requestExecuting(default 10) so all subsequent requests queue up.<BR><BR>Two recommendations:<BR>Apply service NT 4 Pack 6A<BR>Change two settings in the IIS metabase, aspscripttimeout=30 and aspqueuetimeout=30<BR><BR>But most important fix the ASP code that is causing the blocking(usually database calls via ODBC/ADO/other or LDAP calls to other servers) <BR>

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    Mike B. Guest

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    Where is the requestExecuting set? I can not find any reference on this. In our situation, the queue does not go down even when traffic to the site drops off.

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