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    I have an out of process (.exe) COM component, that can be instantiated for a .VBS on our IIS server.<BR>This tells me that the COM is register and functioning correctly.<BR><BR>But when the instantiation the component is within ASP (ie IIS) I get the dreaded 429: Server cannot create object error!<BR><BR>Two questions:<BR><BR>What is the difference between Server.CreateObject and CreateObject in regards to application memory space?<BR><BR>Why can the native VBS engine work and not within ASP?<BR><BR>If you need more information, let me know

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    FROM what I&#039ve read IIS can only handle in-process components if you have done a normal install of IIS - If you are running IIS 3.0 you must edit the registry such that the value of 1 is add to the AllowOutOfProcsCmpnts value of HKEY_LOCAL_MAHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesW3 SVCASPParameters - For IIS 4.0 the configuration data is held in the Metabase, so change the value of AllowOutOfProcCmpnets to 1 there - I don&#039t know for sure with IIS 5.0, but IIS 5.0 does use the Metabase, so I would look there to change AllowOutOfProcCmpnets <BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR><BR>bart<BR><BR>ps - If you don&#039t mind, could you let me know why you choose to write an out of process component - I&#039m only aware of minor threading advantages when using an out of process component - thanks

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