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    Can anyone paste a page of code showing how to make new text boxes. I have a page that has 5rows, but the user can enter 100+. I would like to simply create new rows of text boxes (or a better way perhaps) without refreshing the screen. Thank!

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    You can&#039t do it in cross-browser fashion.<BR><BR>MSIE allows you to modify an existing page by rewriting "InnerHTML", but NS has no corresponding capability.<BR><BR>If you don&#039t mind being MSIE-only, it&#039s not too hard to do, though you will have to remember the old form values as you rewrite the new version of the form.<BR><BR>If you are willing to use frames, then you could do it cross-browser. Basically, you wipe out the frame and recreate it each time. But it happens fast enough your user shouldn&#039t be bothered by more than a flicker. Again, you&#039d have to remember the values already put in by the user and then recreate them as you created the new version of the form in the other frame.<BR><BR>For an alternative idea, look here:<BR>and check out the last "demo" on that page. Yes, this works cross-browser.<BR><BR>That site is going to be moved sometime in next 24 hours, so if you can&#039t reach it try<BR><BR>and if neither work email me.<BR><BR><BR>

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