I am involved in a development effort to create an ASP based RAD tool for creating and managing Web sites and Intranets over a standard Web browser and am asking you for feature requests before it is built. <BR><BR>There are currently a crop of products that allow this type of content management - and more are in the works, however, few(if any) are built solely around ASP.<BR><BR>This tool will go beyond InterDev and UltraDev in order to instantly deploy and manage large scale, dynamic sites whose look & feel and functionality can all be centrally controlled and changed on a whim. The tool will allow a developer to use their tool of choice(InterDev, UltraDev, HomeSite, Notepad, etc) to create advanced scripts and modules that can be plugged into the existing Site framework via drag & drop. <BR><BR>A developer can centrally manage numerous sites across several machines.<BR><BR>We are trying to create a true Nirvana for the Web Site developer and the people who contribute content.<BR><BR>What I want to ask you is this? What would you like this product to do? What features are missing from your current tools? And, lastly, what would you pay for such a product, if it truly delivered the goods?