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    Anne-Marie Guest

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    Hi<BR>I use PWS on Win NT 4.0 WorkStation.<BR>I just have this error message. PWS not let me to access with browser. I work alone.<BR>Here the message :<BR> Error HTTP 403<BR> 403.9 Access Forbidden- Too many users are connected<BR>What can I do?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>

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    jason Guest

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    stop-start the service. that&#039ll clear all pending sessions, and then you can get in.<BR><BR>I have occassional problems with it when a page has a lot of images, or with closed framesets like - which request multiple stuff very quickly<BR><BR>with pws you are restricted to 10 users maximum, bit of a bummer. i&#039ve been told there&#039s a way you can disable this, but i&#039ve never seen it in action<BR><BR>jason

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