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    Is there a way to determine the number of open client browser sessions via ASP. For example, a user launches two Netscape 4.0 browser sessions, how can IIS 4.0, ASP 2.0 distinguish between the two sessions. From an IE perspective it appears that two distinct sessions ids are generated, however, Netscape does not appear to force the generation of a new session id.

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    I don&#039t know too much about this, but I don&#039t think you can determine how many open client browser sessions there are via ASP. If the client&#039s browser instances are sharing session IDs, IIS has no way of telling if the user has one or one hundred windows open.<BR><BR>In IE, you can set the parameter, "Browse in a new process" to determine if open browser windows share session ids. If you DON&#039T have this option selected, when you start a new browser using Ctrl-N, the two browsers share the same session. At least that has been my experience.<BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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