Background: Using http:\username:password@url, I can manually type in a url in the browswer (IE 5) and access a report on an actuate server (username & password passed to the server). Using response.redirect (or javascript location.href) to pass the same url with username:password doesn&#039t work for some reason, don&#039t know why, can anyone enlighten me?<BR><BR>Current Problem: In a desperate attemt, I&#039m trying to pass the username and password manually via creating HTTP headers with Response.Addheader and a dummy Response.Redirect...<BR><BR>Response.Addheader "Authorization" , "Basic d2VidXNlcjp3ZWJ1c2Vy=="<BR>Response.Addheader "Location","http://as_nyhocogfsv01/acweb/as_nyhocogfsv01/reports/"+varDocTleShrtNm+".rox?submit&__overwrite=Old&__S cheduleType=immediate&__wait=wait&"+urlstring<BR>R esponse.Redirect ("http://as_nyhocogfsv01/")<BR><BR>The "garbage" above is the username:password in a base 64 encoded string. I&#039m not an expert on HTTP protocol, so maybe I&#039m missing something or using the wrong header information...can anyone help me out?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Brad<BR>