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    Hi All,<BR><BR>I starting working in ASP a while ago. I am confused about one thing. How to decide what to use to get the data? I mean we can get data from a database using either 1. opening a conn object and than use execute to get the data into a recordset.<BR><BR>2. Using recordset by opening a recordset and assigning conn string and get the data<BR><BR>3. we can also use command object to get the data if I am not mistaken. Is there any performance issue of using one over the other. <BR>Please let me know or send me a link to a article which i can read to clear my doubts. And also please let me know if I can read an articles on cursors.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Anil

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    There is always some confusion here. <BR>But the three main objects of ADO - Connection, Command,<BR>and Recordset all work in conjustion with each other.<BR><BR>When you open a recordset and assign the connection string to<BR>get the data it actually creates a Connection object and<BR>executes the query using the Command object. The recordset<BR>depends on the Connection and Command object to work properly.<BR>Using a "flat" heiarchy gives developers a very easy to use<BR>interface. There is allot that goes on behind the scenes.<BR><BR>Here is a good tutorial from Sam&#039s on ADO and what to avoid:<BR><BR><BR><BR>hth :-)

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    Thanks a lot.

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