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    Is there a way to manage an NT Server user accounts using ASP??<BR><BR>Alesk

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    Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI) is what you would use to do this. You must have ADSI installed on the Server www.microsoft.com/adsi - which directs to a Windows 2000 site, but also works on NT4. The SDK for this is nice to have as well, lots of example code and a program called "adsvw.exe" that lets you view all the properties in the WinNT object.<BR><BR>Good luck!<BR>Brandon

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    Yes.<BR><BR>www.softartisans.com has SA-Admin which should let you do just about everything.<BR><BR>For substantially less than everything, you can do strange and unusual things with ADSI (native in Windows 2000, available from Microsoft for download for NT 4). <BR><BR>I regularly use ADSI to create new groups and add users from other domains to them, thus allowing me to put NT security on files (using SA-FileManager) a user has uploaded (using SA-FileUp) without ever seeing the file. The only catch is that you have to be logged on as a system administrator (possible with SA-FileManager) to do user manips with ADSI. Hopefully there&#039s a similar requirement with SA-Admin, but I&#039ve never used it.

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