Okay, so I&#039m recreating reports in this one database for use on our Intranet. Some of these reports use incredibly complex queries to generate their info. Several use 5-6 different queries, all chained in a row, to get a final result. This wouldn&#039t matter, except that there are also parameter inputs in different queries. For example :<BR><BR>Qry1(start - [Enter name]) ----&#062; Qry2([Enter Year]) ----&#062; Qry3(No parameter) ----&#062; Qry4([Enter Location])<BR><BR><BR>Since they&#039re all linked, I only need to call up the first query (Qry1, in this example). But I can&#039t get ASP to enter parameters for these others, and I can&#039t skip them without generating an error. Any ideas, other than rewriting the whole dang database? Thanks!