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    Katherin Guest

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    Hi - Is there a way I can add formatting to the text within the objCDO.Body? I&#039m looking to bold, underline, add a table to the .Body to make the output look a little more organized, etc. I&#039ve tried to add html within the .Body using a variety of different methods, but it either never has any impact on the text or the tags just show up as regular text in the email which is received.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    jason Guest

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    you can use vbncrlf to add your line breaks etc..<BR><BR>if you set the mimetype to text/html you can use html formatting<BR><BR>jason<BR>

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    Katherin Guest

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    I&#039ve only had minimal exposure to MIME types ... within style sheets and the LINK tag. How and where would I specify MIME within CDONTS?

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