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    unicorn11 Guest

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    I have a float type column in a sql database <BR>but i am presently storing numeric data in that column<BR>I want to take that value and then increase it by one<BR>in access it worked properly but since it is in sql it does not work <BR>How in vbscript or asp do you specify that the variable that you are talking the value in do i convert in into numeric format <BR>so that i can increase it by one<BR>

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    sunder Guest

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    use cint()

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    pavankks Guest

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    Well send a querystring to the database if you r using the get method or use the request method if you using the post method. then use the following to convert the float type to interger type in asp or vbscript.<BR><BR>use Cint(expression)<BR><BR>this will convert an expression into a variant of subtype integer.<BR><BR>example:<BR><BR>Cint(23.45) returns 23<BR><BR>cint(23) returns 23

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