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    I am trying to have a link in the email i send<BR><BR>bodytext =bodytext&"Password is:" &request.form("pass1")&vbCrLf<BR>bodytext= bodytext&"&#060;a href=login.asp?confirmno="&activeno<BR>bodytext=bo dytext&"&#062;Confirmation number:"&activeno<BR>bodytext=bodytext&"&#060;/a&#062;"<BR>but this does not give a link, it dislays whatever in between the ""<BR>how would i do it ?

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    Hi Ash,<BR><BR>You might need to specify that the data you are sending is HTML Encoded.<BR><BR>Most email programs should recognize the web address without the &#060;a&#062; reference.<BR><BR>Someone might be able to give you an absolutely spot on answer, but I cant.. sorry!!

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