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    Keith Fowler Guest

    Default Using SSL and Frames

    Our site uses ASP extensively. It also utilizes frames quite a bit. We are trying to speed up portions of our site, by turning the SSL off on those pages that do not require encryption.<BR><BR>When attempting to communicate across frames with Javascript, we get an "Access Denighed" Error. <BR><BR>Is there any possible way to communicate across frames where one page is secure, and the other is not?<BR><BR>If you know of a way, even if it&#039s a HACK. Please, let me know.

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    HackerGuy Guest

    Default RE: Using SSL and Frames

    This question does belong in the advanced section. Let&#039s avoid this kind of nonsense in the future please.

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    SugarRay Guest

    Default RE: Using SSL and Frames

    Use the SSL Purge method of the Server object.

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    Keith Fowler Guest

    Default RE: Using SSL and Frames

    You guys are too much! The "Purge" method, that&#039s a good one. What will you think of next? I shudder to think of it!!!

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    ASPGod Guest

    Default RE: Using SSL and Frames

    Your simian ancestry is apparent from the low intelligence factor of your question.

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    Your Master Guest

    Default RE: Using SSL and Frames

    Why don&#039t you people leave poor Keith Fowler alone. It is apparent that he does not know how to program.

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    ASPHelper Guest

    Default RE: Using SSL and Frames

    your hygiene leaves much to be desired.

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    Default RE: Using SSL and Frames

    It is quite apparent, that no one here has the intelligence to answer the question.<BR><BR>

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    toby_2 Guest

    Default my thoughts

    firstly...what inspired this purile flame?<BR><BR>and...<BR>I would use ssl sparingly. you never want to get into a situation where you have a frameset calling http AND https pages simultaeneously. It can only lead to mayhem. Javascript has a tonne of you have if you&#039re a secure layer, use it only for &#039important&#039 stuff..and jump out of the frameset.

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