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    Mike Schall Guest

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    I need to be able to click on a button on an asp page and open a new instance of IE. is the obvious answer, but it opens a new IE with the same security context. <BR><BR>I want to be able to click on the button in the asp page twice and have two new IE&#039s open to the same website that will have different sessions on an IIS box.

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    jason Guest

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    can&#039t be done. sessions are tracked using cookies, IE has only one cookie directory, hence there can be only one (shades of highlander there)<BR><BR>why are you trying to do that anyway?<BR><BR>jason

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    Mike Schall Guest

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    Writting an intranet app that the need to have several people logged in at the same time on the same machine.<BR><BR>It will work if you open two instances of IE yourself and go to the site. I would just like to have an initial page that would have "current events" that would have a button to start the actual app in a controlled window (ie no toolbar, statusbar).

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