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    DBorland Guest

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    I&#039m trying to figure out how to keep my windows organized like I use to in my client server application. What I want to do is force the user to close a child window in order to get back to a parent window. So if the user clicks on a parent window and the child window is still open, I want to put the focus on the child window. What I&#039m running into a wall on is what event I can link this to to make this happen. If the onfocus event would bubble up to the window or frameset objects, I could then check in the parent to see if the child was still open and put the focus on the child window. Is there anyway to do this? But there is no easy way for me to tell when the focus has moved to a different browser window.<BR><BR>For example, user opens the main window, that then launches the action window that then launches the revision window. If the user clicks on the main or action window, I want to make the revision window the current window. The idea is to make it so a user must update the children windows and can&#039t leave anything hanging out there.<BR><BR>Thanks. David

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    jason Guest

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    ok. are you giving the new window an object reference?<BR><BR>var myNewWin =<BR><BR>you have that reference and window.opener to refer backwards and forwards. if you want the popup to be modal put<BR><BR>onblur=self.focus() in the body tag of the popup, or assign it from the open() function. you should also have events monitoring the onfocus and onblur events in both windows.<BR><BR>jason

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    DBorland Guest

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    Jason,<BR>Yes, I&#039m giving the new window an object reference (like your example). One problem I was having with the onblur=self.focus was where to put it. The window I&#039m bring up is a frameset, with three frames, the top frame has a title and row headings, the second has fields for the actual data to be inputed and the last frame has a save and cancel button. I tried putting the onblur on the body in the second frame but then it prevented me from entering data (plus the window was system modal instead of application modal), since the focus was on the body and I couldn&#039t get to the fields. <BR><BR>Since the onfocus and onblur events don&#039t bubble up to the window level in each window won&#039t I need to have an onblur event for each item on the window?<BR><BR>Thanks. David

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